Three beautiful DIY stories from Rolife fans

Last Christmas, We sponsored a giveaway on our Facebook. To participate, people need to share their own DIY stories on the comments section. And to our surprise, we got three beautiful DIY stories. It was so hard to choose which one is the best, so we had three winners that time!

Today we are going to share these beautiful stories with you guys, and let’s see how loving these people are!

Story 1:

At first sight of this story, I was deeply touched to see someone sharing such a big life event with us. As a female, I totally understand her mood of loving a man for seven years and got a daughter together, and how much she expected the wedding. She must be very happy and excited. With the excitement and joy, she knitted her own wedding shawl and expected her dreamlike wedding which means a lot to her. She knew she must do something herself. Just like in some countries, the brides sew their own wedding gowns. They desire to do something for their big days, and for their beloved ones.

This story makes me realize why so many people like DIY nowadays. When something or someone is very important to us, we take them very seriously. Most of the time, we will do something ourselves to show how much our care and at the same time make them more meaningful.

Story 2:

Never thought of knitting flowers, but they are surprisingly beautiful. Some people  say that artificial flowers last much longer than real flowers. So they are much more valuable. And I totally agree with that. At the first sight of these flowers, I am surprised. The simplicity and purity makes me feel so comfortable.

Then i saw the words, and had all this picture in front of me. One sunny afternoon, an old lady, with all her gray and white hair, sits on a chair in the yard. On the left side of her, there is a small basket on the ground. In the basket, there is a knitted flower and some red yarn. With a soft smile, she is knitting another flower for her little granddaughter…

This story makes these DIY flowers even more beautiful. Just as said, artificial flowers last longer. And artificial flowers with love last forever. It reminds me of another meaning of DIY – eternity. DIY with love will never die!

Story 3:

When I read this story, all I can see is a man, as a husband, a father and a son. Life is never easy, happiness and bitterness are all parts of it. Also, from a boy to a man, it is not an easy progress. That means you take all the responsibilities and resist all these difficulties. You can not leave them to your parents, because you are a grown- up man. You need to be strong.

Just like this man, he had so many loved ones in this world, and wanted to give them a lot. But he was not rich at that time, so he decided to create a better life with his own hands. These wooden table and chairs are just a small part of his efforts. Finally, he succeeded and lived a happy life with his wife and daughters. These table and chairs became the most valuable memory to the whole family, and kept reminding them to cherish the happy life they live nowadays.

This story also reminds me of people’s original need of DIY, to create a better life with our own hands.

After reading these DIY stories, how do you like them? Why not reach out and do something yourselves, for your big days, for your loved ones, and for a better life!

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