The Technology of Rolife products in Robotime factory

Roife has 2 types of products if we classify them by raw material and production process. Miniature house that mainly made from wood pieces and blind box figure doll mainly made from PVC.

We use plywood as wood parts in our products, instead of hardwood plywood is more eco-friendly as we recycle the woods. DIY miniature house and TG handcraft require people to assemble parts by themselves. A scaling house is a tiny version of a real house, to make a stable and pretty house needs high precision parts. But how can we assure the precision they so tiny?

Of course, our hands will be used in this step. But no, we don’t do hand-carved things, but something fancier: laser cutting machine! It offers precise cutting and high production. With this technology, our little wood parts are all in the correct size. While assembling, each part can be matched perfectly.

As for figure dolls, do not expect we use our bare hands to clay a doll, way too hard. We use a technology called “injection molding technology”. Injection molding is a molding technology that melts the material with the aid of a screw and an external heating device and then injects it into a mold to form the corresponding product as the mold cools. This technology provides high precision and efficiency for complex-shaped molds.

By the way, this article was written by bare hands with a keyboard.

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