Materials and Techniques in DIY Miniature Houses

DIY miniature houses are a popular pastime and challenge for many DIY lovers. They are not only a kind of pleasure but also a showcase for craftsmanship and creativity. This article will tell you more about materials and techniques in our DIY miniature houses.

Material selection

Rolife has two kinds of miniature houses, which are wooden miniature houses and plastic miniature houses. The main materials are plywood and plastic (ABS and PVC) respectively. Taking the environmental protection, safety and quality into consideration, we select materials carefully for our products and ensure all materials are produced excellently in the production process as well.

  • Plywood

We choose basswood from Russia as the raw material for plywood. Basswood has many advantages. First of all, softer than other hardwoods, basswood is suitable for carving and cutting. Also, basswood features light color and straight grain. The wood is typically a pale, creamy white color which makes it an excellent choice for staining and painting. The most important factor is that it is eco-friendly as a renewable resource.

  • PVC and ABS

For plastic miniature houses, PVC and ABS are chosen as the main materials. They are strong, non-corrosive and heat resistant. More importantly, our plastic miniature houses have acquired CCC (China Compulsory Product) certification, which means a guarantee of high quality and safety.


  • High-precision laser cutting

The laser cutting offers precise cutting of the wooden boards. With this technique, small wood parts are all in the correct size and have extremely slight errors. While assembling, each part can be matched perfectly.

  • Dip dyeing process

The dip dyeing process is the method of dyeing objects in a dye bath containing the dye and the necessary dyeing auxiliary, making objects gradually dye. The advantage is that it can change the color of wooden boards while retaining the grain of wood.

  • Roller coating process

This process can paint the wooden boards in different colors and cover the grain of wood at the same time. For example, there is furniture like the cabinet or the shelf in the miniature houses, which is made up of several colorful wooden boards. The grain of wood of these parts needs to be covered for better visual effect.

The process of creating a miniature house involves a combination of artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to details. From design and material selection to cutting and packaging, each step is important. Because of sincerity and passion for DIY, we promise to offer the high-quality and enjoyable miniature house to every DIY lovers.

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