New Year New Wish

Happy new year, my dear friend. It is new year again, have you finished your wish list yet? Anyway, for me, I want to get 10 pounds lose, haha! What is your wish for this year? 

Well, let me show you some new wishes of our Rolife fans!

About life:

As we see, some people wish to have less bitterness in their lives. Some people would like to live in the moment for more happiness. Yeah, they all make sense. We all desire happiness.

But actually, most of us are not afraid of bitterness in life, because we know they are all parts of life. And as long as we fight, most of us will successfully pass through them. The question is whether you are brave enough to face them. It’s an attitude, always wish something good to happen and believe everything gonna be fine.

About dreams:

Still, we can see some people wish about life length, weight and something dreamy. When we were young, we had so many dreams, superman, singer, scientist… but can’t remember when, we stopped talking about dreams. Even don’t know why, we just stopped. Maybe it’s because we are defeated by difficulties of life. Maybe it’s because we are too busy with the hustle and bustle of lives, the job, children, housework… We have no time and energy to talk about such idealization.

But please ask yourself, are you happy? If the answer is no, then why not dreaming? At least it makes you happy. Just as I always think, happiness is the most important thing in our lives. If it can make you happy, then do it. There is no need to care whether it will come true or not, at least you tried. Then you will have no regret, right? So, it’s all up to you my friend. It depends on what kind of life you want to live.

About DIY:

Speaking of life, it is much more convenient nowadays, we can almost buy everything we need, food, clothes, gifts…But life is also much more boring. Suppose you finally move to a new house, instead of buying everything to decorate your house, you make some decorations by yourself. That would be totally different, isn’t it? Because we are human, we are capable of making and creating. This is our ability and nature. Creating brings us happiness. Also, during the process of making DIY with our own hands, we get less stress.


How about you my dear friend? What’s your new wish this year? Hope all of your wishes will come true this year. Also, wish we can bring you more DIY kits and happiness!

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