New Arrival- Teddy. Diy House

As we know, a lot of people at home and abroad are obsessed with putting their favorite dolls in different miniature houses and taking photos for them. And this hobby has become more and more popular nowadays among DIY lovers.

As a DIY toy brand, Robotime is always dedicated to improving ourselves so as to bring our customers a better experience. This time, we cooperated with a famous IP character- Teddy Collection, and jointly launched the Rolife×Teddy Series. 

The theme of this new series is “Romantic Encounter”. For this new series, we have two Teddy bears in each dollhouse. Based on these different characters, the designers combined these miniature dollhouses with 5 beautiful love stories.

Romantic Encounter- Innocence

The “Time Studio” is about a romantic time story. Racer Teddy and ballerina Angel used to be classmates. They haven’t seen each other for many years. One day, they meet again after they realized their dreams.

The designer Vika designed the “Time Studio” as two floors. The upper floor is for exhibition, and the lower floor is for photography. In order to better fit the story, the overall color of the art house was constantly tested. And finally blue and purple were used on a large scale to show the mystery of time. 

Romantic Encounter- Waiting

“The Encounter Cafe” tells the story between pilot Teddy and baker Angel in a coffee shop.

The designer Cen added a lot of finished small parts for a better effect. Under the lights, those glittery sparkles bring the whole café a dreamy effect, which shows not only the romantic feeling of waiting but also Cen’s expectations for the future of miniature dollhouse.

Romantic Encounter- Fate

In the story of “Lucky Florist”, engineer Teddy and florist Angel meet each other while walking dogs.

In order to show the working status of the florist Angel, the designer Zoe set up a flower selling area on the right side of the flower shop and a workbench on the left side. Also, she designed the flower shop to be transparent. You can see the internal appearance of the “Flower Shop” from four angles, and imagine how this romantic encounter happens!

Romantic Encounter- Trick

In the “Memorable Classroom”, the naughty boy student Teddy always makes fun of the quiet girl student Angel.

For the designer Frances, the time of “Memorable Classroom” is not very far. And deep inside, we still miss the school days. Therefore, the designer tries to use the color of pink and yellow to outline our youth.

Romantic Encounter- Destiny

“Love on the Balcony” tells the love story between illustrator Teddy and his neighbour boxer Angel.

Living next to each other, even the wind cannot help doing them a favor. The draft blown by wind is the beginning of their fate.

The designer Carrie took balcony as prototype, changed the previous design of the base. Meanwhile, she also matched the structure and color of the two rooms according to the jobs and characteristics of the hero and heroine.

After reading, how do you like our new series DIY house? Welcome to find them here:

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