New Arrival- My Starry Dreams

With the constant awakening of women’s sense of independence, women nowadays are increasingly trying to prove their abilities in studies and careers, and to make themselves more and more excellent and powerful. But even one day they finally became real heroines in their lives, there is still a soft place in their hearts, where lives a little girl expecting starry sky and fairy tales.

Under the mature appearance of our designer, there is also a little girl inside. She decided to turn these beautiful expectations into best gifts, and give them to everyone with innocent dreams. In order to create more natural and vivid scenes, the designer chose super light clay, which is not only easy to shape but also environmentally friendly. Also, she uses light strings and decorations like stars and beads to achieve a dreamlike effect.


Little Unicorn

The prototype of “Little Unicorn” is a girl sitting in flowers, which indicates that a girl is waiting for love. But the designer did not reach what she expected until she saw a little unicorn.

In the pink coral forest, a little unicorn shuttles alone. With all her beauty and elegance, she is looking forward to a romantic encounter. Every scene of “Little Unicorn” expresses “I am here, waiting for you”. And such a beautiful implication makes it a perfect gift for girls.

Deer’s Paradise

The creation of “Deer’s Paradise” was a beautiful accident. The designer once made a deer with super light clay, as a decoration for her desk. Later, she felt the deer was a little lonely. So she made another one.

When the two deer were put together, she had a picture on her mind that the deer were running in a misty forest, pursuing their own paradise. And it was so beautiful. The fog looks like a veil over the forest, and the deer are going deep into the flowers and grasses, trying to seek the truth of the mysterious jungle. She liked this picture so much, and hoped to own this small paradise forever. So she made everything out with super light clay. After finished, she was so excited, cause it was exactly what she had on her mind.


Cactus Girl

Sitting in the garden, a book, a cat, a cup of coffee, life can be as idyllic as poems. See, it’s never been a problem to be alone. Learn to enjoy the time being with yourself. Life can be so much fun.

“Cactus Girl” is aimed to express the memory of summer, using the representative plant element of cactus. Cactus can live in a hot desert without too much water. Just like these girls fighting in cities, troubles in life make them even stronger and more beautiful.

Sleeping Swan

Before the birth of “Sleeping Swan”, there were several versions. Considering that most recipients of this series are women, the designer hopes the whole scene can be more girlish.

From fairy tales to movies, the swan is always favored both in shape and meaning. Most of the time, it is a symbol of nobleness. Therefore, the designer chose swan as the main element to express what she expected of women nowadays. And that is confidence, elegance and independence.


After reading, how do you like the Starry Dreams series? It is now available on A dreamlike fairyland is waiting for you to explore!

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