New Arrival–Childhood Toy House


The second generation of Little&Warm Space was launched. 

This very special series is smaller than the regular miniature houses of Rolife which made them much more tedious and adorable. 

We keep the warm, dreamy, and delicacy style but in different themes.

We intended to create something different but common to see in each ordinary house and bring them happiness and fulfill their mind. We believe that’s the origin of the strength to live a better life for everyone. Who wouldn’t want a little corner that exclusively belongs to themselves and makes you feel safe and warm?

DS027 Childhood Toy House is a room for you to store your loving little things, and a cute bear sits there, maybe the bear is not just a decor maybe it’s a guard of your toy house, and it’s only wake up in the middle of the night when everyone’s fell asleep.

DS028 Holiday Living Room is a relaxing space for you to lay your burdens down and chill for a while. It’s more like a gas station for a human being to pump up the energy.

DS029 Afternoon Baking Time is a kitchen, tiny but with everything you need. We live in a busy world, and we have to keep up with the trend in the current environment to not fall behind. Even though the reality is cruel, we can still stop to have some “me time”, to do things that we love to enjoy the delicious foods that came from our own hands. Life is about the experience.

DS030 Dreaming Terrace Garden is a place where the dream starts. Countless people in this world have dreamt about opening a flower shop. It’s wonderful to have a tiny garden first.

Hope that there will be somewhere that can be the secret base that allows you to be you, and welcome to the little beautiful warm space.

Rolife makes your life better!

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