Mystic Archives-New Release Miniature House With A Fantasy Magic Theme

Everyone has a secret corner and a magic dream that is full of adventures, uncertainties, and superpowers. And a tranquil wonderland with so many cute creatures is also desirable for people who lived under a lot of pressure. The new release of Rolife’s “Mystic Archives” series is symbolized its mysterious adventure style to offer a space that belongs to you.

Kiki’s Magic emporium is more like a pawn shop. The ower Kiki is a powerful witch. Just like a traditional witch, she has a broom to fly and a crystal ball to predict, but no one ever saw her face thanks to the magic hat she wore. Kiki’s business is to accomplish people’s wishes. If you want to use the magic to do something that you’re not capable of, you go to Kiki. Only cost you is a secret deep in your heart. It’ll be crowded in if Kiki’s magic house existed. Who wouldn’t take this chance to fix something or make amends to something or anything? An interesting but taboo magic store.

Alice’s Tea Store is not only a place for you to have a cup of tea, but it also has a tiny doorway connected to another world. When the magic clock awakens, the tea party in the wonderland which is the world behind the tiny doorway would begin. Alice and her friends made an appointment that they should all go to that party and chill. Do you like the chatty Mr bunny and the curious girl Alice? How nice is it to have access to a wonderland! A perfect place to ease the tiredness and pressure in a week.

Mose’s Detective Agency is owned by Mose, a talented detective. It is said, detective Mose is a cranky strange man. The only hobby of Mose is solve the difficult cases. He enjoyed the pleasure and the exciting feelings of finding the truth through a bunch of detail. His clients come to him no matter the distance and the cost as long as the problem is solved. This house was built in a space full of mystery and evidence. Seemed like a mess but make sense. What would you do if you were a detective?

People in this world must go with its development to chase the trend to live in the moment. It is so hard for us to stop and refresh our minds. We can’t afford it. However, the miniature house is a perfect plan B for a short escape. Throw all away and focus on assembling a scaling house in a different style of decoration. You’re in charge of your house and your mind at that moment. Welcome to Mystic Archives.

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