Fun Facts About The Figure Doll “Nanci”

Features of Nanci

Nanci is the Top IP in Chinese-style figure dolls. She has a cute little round face and two buns, don’t forget the symbolic bubble. All of these elements in one made such an adorable little girl.

Do you know the reason for Nanci’s closing eyes? It’s because Nanci always in her dream, she has the superpower of traveling in all kinds of dreams to absorb energy and inspiration and pass them to people who’s suffer from the noisy world.

As for the bubble, it’s because Nanci’s having quality sleep and that’s the sign of it.

Inspration of Nanci

How did Nanci come out and got popular? Nanci’s designer Sadie graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and has a passion about Chinese traditional culture. What more interesting fact is that she paint the very first Nanci in a meeting while her mind got wandering. We can learn from this case that sometimes ideas just pop up! So it’s okay to relax and chill for a little while.

Do you have the feeling that the longer you look at Nanci the more peace in your mind? According to some Nanci fans: “Every time I looked at her closings eyes and a little bit stretched hands I feel peace…”, “It seems like she’s in a beautiful dream and wants to share it with me…” And that is one of the characteristics of Nanci the healing appearance fairy with comfort relaxing vibe.

Nanci also combines the traditional Chinese style and western vintage elements in her costumes. What stays the same is the gentle healing atmosphere.

A Treat For You To Wash Off The Tiredness In A Day

The happiest period of life for most of us is childhood back then we don’t need to worry about the salary the bills and to be a success etc. It’s so hard for adults to lay their burdens down and have a nice dream in sleep. Paris and Xi zang is so far away and over the budget, why not have little nanci around you? 

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