A healthy way to relax your mind- DIY your happiness

When we were young, we used to be very happy. Those innocent days are so memorable. However, as we grow older, we got so much to worry about, finance, jobs, relationships, marriage… Life of grown- ups is never easy.

A lot of people feel unhappy, no matter rich or poor. Happiness becomes a luxury. It is estimated that one in 15 adults are affected by depression in any given year. And one in 6 people will experience depression at some time in their life. Depression may strike at any time, especially for women. Some researches show that almost one in 3 women will experience a major depressive episode in their lifetime.

Recently, we got a thank- you note in our fans group.

We are so glad that our DIY products can help him finally relax. Also, it reminds us why we have been advocating DIY for the past decades. It is definitely for a healthy lifestyle to help people better relax.

Today, Rolife is gonna show you how DIY miniature dollhouses relax your mind healthily!

Easy to empty your mind

Look at this miniature dollhouse. Actually, it’s a project. In each package, there are a lot of parts waiting for you to build, boards, cloth, clay, tools, glue and so on. From a tiny decoration to the house structure, everything in this miniature dollhouse needs you to Do It Yourself.

The official assembly time is at least 20 hours. That means you have to sit down to focus all your attention on these teeny, tiny kits. As you see, it takes a lot of patience. But look at these cute tiny kits, you will get addicted once you start. Don’t you?

Bring you happiness 

Imagine, when you finally finished the whole project, see it so stunningly beautiful and cute. Won’t you be proud of yourself?

You may give it to people you love to show how much you care about them. Or just put it on your desk as a decoration. But you know, it’s not only a beautiful decoration, right? Above all, it is your masterpiece. It shows how capable you are to make something really beautiful and meaningful.

A nice weekend activity

Do you have the same feeling that we always got so many things to do? But when you finally got some free time, what do you do? Playing mobile phones, watching TV, thinking too much or other meaningless time killers? These just make you even more tired. How about doing something to truly relax both your body and mind? Make something really beautiful with your own hands.

Now, how do you like this way to relax your mind? Please discover more on: https://store.robotime.com/rolife/. By the way, we would like to do something to help people in need. If you have any ideas, please contact us via service@robotime.com.

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