Sweet Dream DS016


Material:Wood, Paper, Metal

Assembly Time: 4h

Assembled Size: 70*70*105mm

Pieces: 34

About this item

Sweet Dream is a mini house with a bedroom scene of Little & Warm Space. With light blue and white as main colors, it is a crowded and cozy bedroom in this palm-sized house. There are some resin materials included like the teddy bear. It can be assembled quickly in 4 hours and you’ll get a fine house then.


DS016 Sweet Dream

The bedroom is the most relaxing and private space. Even if the bedroom is small, all the wonderful things comes together here. I can always enjoy quiet and alone time here. Before bed, I sometimes read a book, being immersed in the wonderful world of the book. What’s special is that I have an accordion on my bed. I often play it at night and my teddy bear is my loyal listener. Like this, I spend a lot of good time in my bedroom.


Teddy bear made of resin
The accordion on the cozy bed
Vivid and beautiful vase

It is a cozy bedroom. There is a comfortable bed with soft cover and pillow. On the bed, there is an accordion of the owner. Under the bed, there is a teddy bear and a pair of cute slippers in rabbit shape. There is furniture in light blue color that makes an impression. Some small decorations like a vase with beautiful flower and candle show that the owner here is a person who loves life.


A bedroom scene in palm-size house
Fine ornament in your house
Creative gift to family and friends
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