How to combine?

Each miniature house in Super Creator series can be assembled together with different shapes with the roof and dust-proof accessory. The edges of the boards are equipped with connectors, supporting horizontal stacking, vertical stacking and “L” shaped stacking and other ways of combination.

Horizontal Stacking

House*3, Roof*3, Dust-proof door*4

Vertical Stacking

House*3, Roof*1, Dust-proof door*6

“L” Shaped Stacking

House*3, Roof*2, Dust-proof door*5

Four Grid Stacking

House*4, Roof*2, Dust-proof door*6

Six Grid Stacking

House*6, Roof*3, Dust-proof door*8

Nine Grid Stacking

House*9, Roof*3, Dust-proof door*9

There are 6 regular combinations of plastic miniature houses above and they can be extended infinitely. Without doubt, they are not limited to these combinations and you can use your imagination and creativity to build your miniature world. For example, you can assemble several houses together on a flat surface to make a complete house for the pretend play.

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