Suri 苏蕊

Country: China  

Gender: Female

Occupation: Powerful Elf, Messenger from the nature

Skills: Awaken the soft spot in people, Start space-time portal,  

Hobby: Sleep in the flowers, Touch the petals of flower, Drink the morning dew, Play with butterflies

Specialty: Magic power, Able to communicate with every creature, Healing wounds

Suri's Designer "Milo"


Since Milo began artistic creation, he has been focusing on the exploration of natural aesthetics of philosophy. So his works are alive and magic-themed. Every detail of Suri, from expression, clothes to gestures, contains his fantastic ideas. 

The details also reveal Milo’s fantasy and construction of the wonderland. From magic to humanity, from nature to the universe, from the West to the East, Milo and Suri travels to different time and space, discover the relationship between reality and virtuality, breaking down the barrier between nature and art, and building a bridge to let the world feel love.

Suri's Life Photos

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