DIY Miniature House

DIY miniature houses offer a captivating world of creativity and craftsmanship. From assembling miniature furniture to crafting tiny decorations, the process is a delightful exploration of artistry. Whether you are an experienced handicraft lovers or a DIY beginner, it's a rewarding experience to cultivate patience and exercise brain and manual skills. Besides, these kits are made from eco-friendly wooden materials and use high-precision laser-cutting technique.


New Releases


DG series houses are all regular miniature houses. Compared with other miniature houses, the products of DG series have bigger size and more pieces so that the average assembly time is longer. The products have more diverse scenes. There are home scenes like a flower house and a study and shop scene like a bakery and candy store. Also, there is a series including three houses:DG155, DG156 and DG 157 with a style of the magic world.


All products of Little & Warm Space series can be held in hand with a very mini size. Besides, with less pieces and finished parts, it it easy to assemble these houses in about 4 hours. All the scenes are inspired by common home scenes in real life like a kitchen, a living room and a study.


Mysterious World series is designed as multi-story cylinder houses. It concludes four products: DS001, DS002, DS003 and DS004. Different from other DIY houses, all products have 360-degree stereoscopic scenes with multi-story design. Every product has a transparent acrylic cover outside to make it a stylish home decor.


This series is called Mini Town. There are 6 houses in total that are designed in small boxes. With similar appearances and roofs that can be removed, you can use your imagination and creativity to combine different houses together to create a mini town.

This series is called Secret Garden with four products: DS023, DS024, DS025 and DS026. All products from this series create a scene in small boxes. With a light and a transparent plastic sheet, they can be display and dustproof boxes for figure dolls. Besides, there is a creative design of drawer at the bottom of the house.

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