Surprise Figure Dolls


Nanci is a charming girl with twin buns who falls asleep with her eyes closed and blows bubbles while tilting her head. She's always brimming with curiosity about the world and holds onto a precious childlike heart, maintaining a kind and hopeful outlook on everything. Her adorable and tender nature continuously radiates warmth, healing, love, and peace to the world around her.


Suri is a little fairy who awakens amidst the flowers. Her long ears and adorable button nose are signature features. Beneath the dazzling and beautiful appearance, Suri carries a curious heart, constantly drawing strength from love and traversing different realms of time and space. She creates a magnificent and romantic fantasy world of her own. With a perpetually positive and optimistic attitude, Suri conveys a poetic and beautiful message that goes beyond reality.

Han Han

HANHAN is a naive and innocent little fox who froze at the age of rebellious vitality. As HANHAN grows up, she adopts a new name, NAI-V. With sharp, oversized ears and a piercing gaze, these are her unique trademarks. As she returns after maturing, NAI-V exhibits a rebellious and unapologetically individual personality.


Yoola is a girl with half-lowered eyes and a pouting mouth, as if carrying some hidden thoughts. She's tired of conforming to the world's established norms and uses indifference as a disguise, all to protect her powerful inner world.

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